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A man from ancient times engaged in the manufacture of furniture. However, the man never limited only to the functional purpose of furniture. It is beautifully shaped by, decorated with ornamental patterns and symbols, even been the subject of worship. Of course, every piece of furniture carries a piece of an era. In appearance, the furniture can be seen on the ideals of the era, the relationship between people. Strictly speaking, the furniture - a mirror of a specific culture of the era in which much is reflected. Depending on the purpose and characteristics of the consumer, there are three main categories of furniture: home furniture, furniture for public spaces and furniture, operating in an open environment.

Garden furniture is meant to last. Here we can distinguish between street benches, park benches, garden benches, garden bench. Speaking about the history of the emergence of garden furniture from iron and wood, it is worth noting that it was the place to be in the eighteenth century. And then it played a significant role in the artistic culture of both our country and the whole of Europe. Every monarch wanted to be the best and most original in the decoration of their own park or garden. And so even for the manufacture of such a thing as a park bench or a garden bench, he was ready to spend a large sum of money. It thus appears to us the French style. At the same time in England, the focus was on unity with nature. That is, it was important wildlife, namely the nature of natural parks and gardens. The first shop was portable. With it was easier to enjoy and admire the beauty of the trees and bushes. In connection with the fact that the shops of wood are often destroyed by the rain and the sun, they were replaced by wrought iron benches. They are distinguished by a long service life. Undoubtedly, the new garden benches and benches for park were not so beautiful in its design decision than a bench and garden, made of wood. Later, there is cast iron. And, accordingly, began to make garden furniture on new technologies. The difference it has the possibility of execution in a bizarre manner. All the designs of the architect can be realized due to the high level of ductile iron. Similar changes have taken place in the nineteenth century. In the same century it was based in Russia, one of the leading iron foundries. Since this material, ie pig iron, was not expensive, and quite affordable, steel made further street stalls. Thus, garden furniture began to appear in public urban parks, not only in private. Gradually, many countries are beginning to appear this kind of plants. Many variants of garden furniture, which were discussed above, are presented in a variety of museums: the State Historical Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The first is located in Moscow, the second - in England. Very interesting, indeed, to look at such a rare meeting. Benches and benches, executed in a variety of styles, to engage the attention of every visitor. Times change, and with them fashion changes and preferences. Designs bench park bench garden or just change. Today, many companies are doing exactly this kind of product manufacture. Some organizations are also involved in its implementation and. If you go to their main page on the Internet, you can see a wide variety of benches. They are made of wood, metal. Functionality - the decoration of parks, gardens, streets, town houses. In fact, it is difficult to imagine, even for a moment to imagine such a well-known vacation spot without benches. One is immediately uncomfortable and very unhappy without them. It's so nice to sit in the shade of a tree with a native person, something to talk or just enjoy the beauty of nature. Even many artists depict the bench and benches in their works. They are true to their inspiration. When we go out into the yard of his block of flats, the first thing we see - it is the grandmothers, cute as a chattering, young mothers who are watching to see how their children are playing, company young boys and girls. No benches, in fact, IMG 0841hard to imagine their lives. Yes, and in fact when you leave the cottage or a vacation home, you always want to go outside and just sit on bench. At the same time get pleasure from such a relaxing stay and the delights of a particular time of year. If you need to buy a garden bench or buy a shop, it's not a problem. Many organizations offer a wide range of goods. It is necessary to choose the right model and bring you at the right time and place of her. You can enter in the search engines the phrase "buy a bench" and your attention will be invited to a lot of companies that will have a similar service. Another note is the fact that, thanks to the latest technology benches and benches are not only intricate, graceful forms. But durability. They can be used year-round in the street.

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