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And somewhere are all the cast-iron benches made of native landscaping farms ..

Alexander Rosenbaum

  1. Are you thinking of purchasing a quality garden - park furniture?
  2. Do you require original design and comfortable fit?
  3. Do you need a classic iron and wood?
Скамья Лев, пройдите в каталог
Скамья Немец, пройдите в каталог

Our advantages


We have individual pricing approach to each client. We quickly and without any loss of quality produce Number of products from the chosen model. The average is 30 - 40 days. And colors in the color you want. As always in stock: 30 - 50 pieces of each model for retailers.


Here you can purchase individual items of furniture painted and packed as well as unpainted and without package. That will allow significant savings.

Made by us ..

View already made us work.

for you


In your sketches - drawings

We can mass-produce for you (and for your logo) Furniture and foundry products (not just parts of furniture).

Why is standard? The fact that the development, drawings and foundry equipment, rather costly affair. In that case, if your quantity, pays for these costs, we will take them over. If you need only a few copies of the products, the costs for the development and manufacturing of equipment fall on you. What can exceed the price of products in dozens of times or more.

Cooperating with us you get ..

The exceptional quality of the casting, on the automated line.
High-quality woodworking and aesthetic hidden fasteners.
Vandal-proof fasteners, important for public places.

We are looking for cooperation

With manufacturers of joinery. Able and willing to provide high quality products, including - color and packaging. According to our sketches, drawings.




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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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